NGO Training Centre - Online learning Center

Medium To Large Organisations

(30–10,000+ Employees)

Our training platform is an innovative, affordable and complete solution designed to empower Disability Support Organisations to create bigger and brighter futures for their staff and participants. We provide a tailored and customised platform that is on brand and provides your employees with the ability to upskill and complete competency-based learning across a range of courses. With a growing course catalogue and simple delivery system, our platform will equip you with the tools to inspire your team to provide high quality care and grow within their role and beyond. All courses are NDIS compliant and are regularly updated by industry experts to ensure your continued alignment with NDIS changes and expectations.


Access your customised online LMS where all your training content is accessible anytime, anywhere. Add your own content, manage your users, create groups, assign courses and pathways, track progress through our powerful reporting function, and much more! Your ongoing access to our dedicated support team will give you peace of mind that your access and experience on the platform is seamless and hassle-free.

What you get

  • Access to all essential courses
  • Access to our Leadership suite of courses*
  • Customised platform (brand colour, logo) and course certificate**
  • Custom reports
  • Ongoing access to our technical support team
  • Courses updated regularly
  • Room for growth – you can add additional seats or upgrade at any time

* Only available with NGO+ package
** Only available with NGO Workforce Ready and NGO+ packages

Browse our course library and discover the various course topics available

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Ongoing support

No matter the size of your organisation, your learning journey is important to us. We are incredibly invested in your growth and in empowering teams to learn, grow and develop.

To aid this, our Workforce Ready and NGO+ customers are provided with a dedicated customer success manager who will work with you to ensure your journey is smooth and supported. From day one, your success manager will work with you to customise your platform, provide a hands-on demonstration and set you and your team up for success prior to launching. Once live, your success manager will regularly check in and provide you with ongoing support and keep you up to date with new courses, features, NDIS and NGO Training Centre updates. Your success is our priority and our team are here to support your journey in a way that best suits you.


With NGO Workforce Ready and NGO+, a dedicated account manager will step you through each step of the onboarding journey, build your customised platform and host a “how to” with you to learn how to use your LMS. Your account manager will also upload your employees, groups and courses into your platform ready for you to go live and begin training immediately. Your account manager will be available to you beyond the launch of your platform to provide additional support, refresher training and ad-hoc support as needed. You will also have access to our support team for all technical enquiries.

Our LMS is designed with ease of use in mind. It is very intuitive and simple to use. With NGO Lite, your employees will have access to the courses in just a few clicks. With NGO Workforce Ready and NGO+, you will have access to a dedicated account manager who will provide you with an in-depth demonstration, administrator and learner user guides and ongoing support as needed.

Our LMS has a very comprehensive reporting tool to allow you to monitor employee engagement and completion. You have access to individual reporting, course reporting and more. Most notable is the inbuilt training matrix that allows you to view your employees and their course completions in a matrix format which helps identify learning and engagement gaps.
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