Manual Handling Part 1

Knowing the right techniques for Safe and Effective Manual Handling can prevent injury or pain. Within this course, you will learn what Manual Handling is, Manual Handling legislation, how to manage risks, the benefits of controlling risk, biomechanical principles (“HOW TO” pick up something safely) and lastly you will be given some handy safety tips.

After this lesson you will be able to:

a) State what Manual Handling is.
b) At a high-level, recall relevant Manual Handling legislation.
c) Explain how you can manage the risk associated to Manual Handling.
d) State what the benefits are for you and others when you control a risk.
e) Show others what good Manual Handling looks like – aligned to biomechanical principles.
f) State the common mistakes of Manual Handling.
g) Share Manual Handling safety tips and steps you can take as a Disability Support Professional to keep you and others safe.

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