Mental Health and Positive Outcomes


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The Mental Health and Positive Outcomes Pathway is in many ways crucial when offering supports to people living with Disability.  People living with a psychosocial disability are one of the largest primary disability groups among NDIS Disability Support. Furthermore, outside of a formal diagnosis many more participants need mental health support from time-to-time.

This pathway will empower you and your Disability Support Professionals effectively navigate the complexities of mental health challenges which may arise in Disability Support Work, resulting in a more comprehensive and holistic level of care. It will also give Disability support Professionals a valuable toolkit which will help them de-escalate serious situations, for example in the event of a participant considering or attempting suicide.

In addition, the pathway will teach you and your Disability Support Professionals about shame and guilt and how to help a participant move out of a shame state into a positive outlook, how to help someone whom has experienced trauma, and how to best support someone living schizophrenia, bipolar or personality disorder.

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Mental Health and Positive Outcomes Course List

  1. Introduction To Mental Illness
  2. Stopping the Cycle of Shame
  3. Trauma
  4. Suicide Prevention
  5. Schizophrenia – Part 1
  6. Schizophrenia – Part 2
  7. Bipolar Disorder
  8. Personality Disorder

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