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What sets us apart

Our core commitment is to make a positive change to the Australian Disability Sector. We are guided in our decision making by our three strategic pillars which we have established to ensure we are always moving forward. We have a genuine passion to see our customers achieve new heights and empower their teams as well. 

We know our products benefit our customers and we ensure that from day one, you are well supported. Through our onboarding right through to getting you live, our team is dedicated to your success.

We’re deeply passionate about what we do and we know you’ll benefit too.  

Strategic Pillars







What Differentiates Us

We work within our strategic pillars and live our values. We want to contribute to a positive change in the Australian Disability sector

  • No hidden costs or charges.
  • Annual subscription model. We don’t use tricky-sales-tactics and lock you into long term contracts which you can’t get out of.
  • We back our courses, LMS and service! We have the best customer retention rate in the sector; Find out why 🙂
  • Australian owned and based organisation – Support a local business.
  • We have team members with personal experience living with a disability.
  • We have been working for over 6 years in the Australian Disability Sector. Did you know we had 3 times more courses available than any other provider in 2017? Why? because we care!
  • We are there when it really matters; we had an online course on Covid-19 and Disability Support Workers before any other provider and before the Australian government.
  • We put all profits back into our business and don’t get any government funding! Why? because we really care.
  • We are one of the most affordable training solutions for the Australian Disability Sector, even when others get funding. Why? because we want to provide you with a solution which is of the highest value.
  • We look after organisations of all sizes, not just the big guys! Why? Because we care.
  • All our courses are written not just by professional experts but also by people who have extensive Australian Disability Sector experience.
  • We have a 3-point course review process, giving you a quality course and experience which is NDIS aligned and interesting!
  • NDIS lead auditors review our NDIS focused courses, ensuring course content compliance.
  • Our courses can be used for Recognition of Prior Learning towards a Certificate of IV in Disability.
  • As a small business, we have a great ability to be highly responsive to your needs, and focus on building long term relationships.
  • We have been finalists at the Australian Gold Coast Business Awards for 3 years running and have won in 2023!
  • We have an LMS which is so simple and effective that customers break their current LMS contracts to join us and experience the time and effectiveness benefits!
  • With our training solution, our customers are becoming employers of choice as they are investing in their employees and creating career progression pathways!
Our customers are like-minded organisations that value learning and knowledge for their employees. They come from all corners of Australia, serving the Australian Disability sector nationally.

We have unmatched Customer Loyalty! 99% of our customers have renewed their subscription with us!

What our customers say

We were using a system that was restrictive and time consuming as recording the completion of training required a number of spreadsheets.

The NGO Training Centre allows The Bridge to assign courses to various groups within the organisation, develop our own courses, assign external courses, download completion rates of various users and courses from the one spot.

Implementing the system was also completed with ease as Jasminne guided us through the process, trialled the system before launching it and always made herself available to answer any of our questions.

Most courses take only 30 minutes to complete, are aligned to the NDIS practice standards and feedback from users so far have been very positive.

I look forward to The Bridge’s continued association with Jasminne and the team at the NGO Training Centre.

The Bridge, Victoria



What challenges were you facing before using the NGO Training Centre? We used to use a paper-based system that was difficult to track and review. Training staff was much harder!

What problem were you trying to solve with our Courses and LMS?  We needed a LMS that is specific to disability services, use contemporary ideas and language, allows us to create our own content, enables us to run user and organisation reports, disseminates information quickly to ensure compliance and is mobile-friendly.

What makes our LMS different from other providers?  Its simplicity to use.

What has exceeded your expectations? The ease of being able to create your own learning modules.

What features sold you on buying our Courses? The content was well pitched at support workers as well as being NDIS relevant and contemporary to services.

What do you value the most about the NGO Training Centre?  The tech support has been great. Easy to setup and any ongoing questions have been promptly answered.

What’s the main reason why you are recommending the NGO Training Centre? As a SME in the disability sector I can say that this LMS package caters perfectly for our needs & would be surprised if it didn’t suit others just as well.

Western Australia


Having a geographically diverse workforce, the NGO Training Centre has excelled in meeting our training needs. Modules are informative and engaging, assisting us to develop our staff to provide the best level of care for our clients.

The reporting function is easy to use, allowing management to track their team’s progress. I would definitely recommend the NGO Training Centre for your online training needs

Multicap, Queensland



The NGO Training Centre have made training your staff simple and easy. Jasminne and the team have been absolutely great at understanding our needs here at TIPACL, walking us through the platform, and have always been available for any questions we’ve had. We would recommend the NGO Training Centre because we can now have our entire training on the one platform, which is simple to use and to navigate.

Tipacl, Queensland


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