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Diabetes Part 1


Course Duration: 45 mins
Accessible for: 31 days

In this course you will learn about the various types of diabetes, how these conditions develop and their symptoms. We will look at risk factors for each of the conditions and learn about how diabetes is monitored and managed.  You will learn about Hypoglycaemia, Hyperglycaemia and Ketoacidosis. Lastly, we will discuss how diabetes can affect daily life activities.

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Learning Outcomes

After this lesson you will be able to:

  1. Explain what diabetes is and the different types of diabetes
  2. Describe the symptoms and risks factors of each type of diabetes
  3. Understand the terms Hypoglycaemia, Hyperglycaemia and Ketoacidosis and their relationship with diabetes
  4. Understand how diabetes impacts daily life activities

Additional information

  • E-learn (45min)
  • Assessment (10 questions)
  • 2 resources:
    • Booklet for Diabetes and Driving
    • Diabetes Structured Monitoring Manual
  • Certificate of completion


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