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Quality Supports

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Course Duration: 4 hrs
Accessible for: 217 days

The Quality Supports Pathway will help you and your organisation set yourself apart from other Disability Support Professionals or providers.

You will gain in-depth understandings of behaviour change through a series of Positive Behaviour Courses. You will learn about restrictive practice, your own cultural biases and how to be cultural aware, how to effectively receive feedback and create a growth-centred mindset or growth-centred organisation. You will learn how to solve problems in your everyday work through a best practice toolkit, and importantly how to take care of yourself to ensure you replenish your energy. The position of a Disability Support Professional is very rewarding but can be challenging, so you must care and nurture yourself too to ensure long term success.

This pathway will raise the quality of your supports, create a consistent level of quality support and will help you understand what Person-Centred Support means at a deeper level.

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Learning Outcomes

Quality Supports Course List

  1. Positive Behaviour Support – Part 1
  2. Positive Behaviour Support – Part 2
  3. Positive Behaviour Support – Part 3
  4. Cultural Awareness
  5. Receiving Feedback with a Growth Mindset
  6. Problem Solving
  7. Self-Care for Disability Support Professionals

Additional information

  • 7 e-learns (4 hours total)
  • 7 assessments (10 questions each)
  • 18 resources
  • Pathway certificate of completion


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