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Work Health and Safety

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Course Duration: 6 hrs
Accessible for: 310 days

The Work Health and Safety Pathway has been designed to keep you and your participant safe, both physically and physiologically.

This pathway focuses on a wide variety of important safety topics. All of the courses are written specifically for Australian Disability Support Organisations and are highly relevant to Disability Support work. Each risk is broken into small digestible and easily distinguishable stages, equipping the learner with the knowledge that will help reduce and remove risk areas and ultimately create a safer workplace environment.

In this pathway, you will learn how to keep safe when entering people’s homes, how to avoid trips and slips and other hazardous situations, the different manual handling techniques with step by step instructions on how to use different equipment safely, how to dispose of hazardous waste, the importance of infection control and hygiene, how to use PPE in your role as a Disability Support Professional, how to detect, prevent and put out a fire in the workplace and how bullying and harassment can be identified and prevented.

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Learning Outcomes

Work Health and Safety Course List

  1. Keeping Safe at Work
  2. Manual Handling – Part 1
  3. Manual Handling – Part 2
  4. Waste Management
  5. Workplace Fire Safety and Prevention
  6. Bullying and Harassment
  7. Covid-19 and Disability Services
  8. PPE for Disability Support Professionals
  9. Hand Hygiene
  10. Infection Control

Additional information

  • 10 e-learns (6 hours total)
  • 9 assessments (10 questions each)
  • 27 resources
  • Pathway certificate of completion


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