Personal Care and Grooming Part 2


Accessible for 31 days

Throughout this course you will increase your knowledge and skills in the critical Personal Care and grooming activities that are often conducted by a Disability Support Professional. These activities include bathing and showering for females, bathing and showering for males, dental hygiene, foot and nail care, shaving and personal grooming.

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After this lesson you will be able to:

  1. State the steps you are required to take to effectively bath and shower a female participant and a male participant.
  2. Describe what good dental hygiene involves.
  3. Communicate what good foot and nail care looks like for a participant.
  4. Recall what hair care and shaving factors you need to consider when helping your participants.
  5. Effectively support your participants with their Personal Care and Grooming needs.

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23 mins


31 days


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