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Coaching Skills Part 2


Course Duration: 40 mins
Accessible for: 31 days

In part two of this course, you’ll dive into coaching in more detail as we step you through a four-step coaching process from discovery and action planning to implementing and evaluating the process. You will have access to practical strategies and valuable resources that support you as the coach and provide critical insights to help you troubleshoot common challenges that can occur at each stage. Lastly, you’ll be guided through a series of case scenarios contextualised to the Australian Disability Sector, where coaching approaches have been used strategically to develop high performing employees, understand, and address performance concerns and empower teams to work collaboratively to develop shared goals.

Number of seats:

Learning Outcomes

After this lesson you will be able to:

  1. Identify four key phases in the coaching process: Discovery, Action Planning, Implementing the Action Plan, and Evaluation and Conclusion.
  2.  Understand how you can apply targeted strategies and utilise key tools to coach at each phase of the coaching process.
  3. Reflect on the use of coaching practices to support individuals and teams within the context of the Australian Disability Sector.

Additional information

  • E-learn (40min)
  • 3 Resources:
    • Coaching Questions
    • Four Step Coaching Process
    • Moving from Broad to Specific Employee Goals
  • Certificate of completion


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