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Leadership Excellence Program

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Course Duration: 6 hrs
Accessible for: 365 days

Welcome to the “Leadership Excellence Program,” a comprehensive pathway carefully designed for Frontline Managers, Middle Managers, and Executive Leaders in the Australian Disability Sector. This transformative journey has been designed to equip your leaders with the core leadership skills and strategies necessary to achieve leadership excellence and a high performing team / organisation. Each course within this pathway delivers practical insights, best practice frameworks and actionable techniques, providing immediate benefits to your employees and participants, as well as to your key metrics and financials. It is recommended that all leaders complete the “Leadership Excellence Program” to establish leadership expectations, ensure a shared best practice knowledge and language, and foster a strong and positive leadership culture.

Topics covered in this pathway include goal setting and implementation strategies, the Situational Leadership Model, time management, behavioural styles for team building, emotional intelligence, handling difficult conversations, employee engagement, addressing performance challenges, coaching skills and managing organisational change. Additionally, this pathway emphasises the mechanics of organisational alignment, addressing common pitfalls and offering best practice solutions. Embark on your journey towards unlocking your organisation’s leadership full potential!

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Learning Outcomes

Leadership Excellence Program Course List

  1. Goal Setting and Successful Implementation
  2. Leadership Foundations – Part 1
  3. Effective Time Management
  4. Leadership Foundations – Part 2
  5. Emotional Intelligence
  6. Managing Difficult Conversations
  7. Employee Engagement
  8. Addressing Performance Problems
  9. Managing Change
  10. Coaching Skills – Part 1
  11. Coaching Skills – Part 2
  12. Creating Organisational Alignment

Additional information

  • 12 e-learns (8 hours total)
  • 43 resources
  • Pathway certificate of completion


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