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Disability Royal Commission Update

Disability Royal Commission Update

Disability Royal Commission Update

What do the recommendations mean for you as Disability Service Providers?

In late September 2023, the Disability Royal Commission concluded its inquiry into Violence, Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation of People with Disability, releasing a comprehensive report comprising 12 Volumes and 222 recommendations. The report envisions a more inclusive Australia for the one in six Australians living with disability.

The government has taken swift action by initiating a response through the Commonwealth Disability Royal Commission Taskforce. This taskforce, engaging closely with the disability community and spanning various departments, will play a pivotal role in assessing and implementing the recommendations, complete with robust tracking and monitoring systems. A staged response is anticipated, with an update scheduled for early 2024.

Of the 222 recommendations, several directly concern Disability service providers.

Here are a few noteworthy ones:

  1. A review to shift away from having the same provider deliver Supported Independent Living and Specialist Disability Accommodation, with a call for explicit timeframes and annual reporting on progress.
  2. Introduction of a capacity-building program to assist disability service providers in integrating human rights into the design and delivery of their services.
  3. Separation of support coordination and other funded supports, along with ensuring support coordination funding for those at higher risk of abuse, especially those in supported accommodation.
  4. Establishment of a National Disability Support Worker registration scheme by July 1, 2028.
  5. The NDIS Commission, in consultation with participants and stakeholders, to produce model procedures for providers, focusing on incident and complaint management.
  6. Enhancement of NDIS practice standards on governance, including more prescriptive quality indicators, and development of guidance on best practice governance models for NDIS providers.
  7. A call for the National Disability Research Partnership to commission a longitudinal study on the impact of positive behaviour support and strategies to reduce restrictive practices, with targets and performance indicators by July 1, 2025.
  8. Positive news for providers: a comprehensive review of the provider registration process, aiming to simplify it for smaller providers, improve the NDIS Commission portal, and reduce duplication for organizations working across multiple schemes. Additionally, suggestions for easier and more cost-effective certification audits in areas with workforce shortages or thin markets.

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Written by Amanda Robinson

Amanda’s expertise lies in disability, mental health, aged care and navigating the complex terrain of the Disability Sector. She is a passionate advocate, a strategic leader, and a catalyst for positive change.

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