COVID-19 and Disability Services


Accessible for 31 days

This course is focused on building COVID-19 (Coronavirus) infection control and pandemic awareness.

All content is aligned to the information from the:  1) World Health Organisation (WHO), 2) Australian Government Department of Health, 3) NDIS disaster response page for disability-related updates and advice (based on the Coronavirus Emergency Response Plan) and 4) NDIS Commission Provider Alerts / Newsletters.

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The course will discuss the fundamentals of infection prevention and control for COVID-19 including:

  1. COVID-19 what is it?
  2. Common signs and symptoms
  3. Understand how it is spread
  4. Know what to do when you suspect a person or yourself has COVID-19
  5. Preventative actions to keep you and your participants safe
  6. Know where to find reliable sources of information about COVID-19

Note, the course contents were validated in September 2021. As information may change, it is recommended you check the above reliable sources for new information and updates.

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13 mins


31 days


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