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Innovative Courses Emerge in Response to the Spike in COVID Cases

Innovative courses emerge in response to the spike in covid cases image with a NGO logo and image of a COVID virus particle

With the current increase in COVID cases, all NDIS providers play an important role in providing information and support to NDIS participants about access to booster vaccinations and following good practices to protect against transmission.

In light of this, many of our customers who are dedicated to the best possible training for their staff have asked NGO for more quality training, and we have listened!




NGO Training Centre are excited to be releasing two new modules to help support participants and staff to decrease the risk of infection and transmission of disease. 

These are:

·         Hand Hygiene

·         Infection Control

You may be aware that NDIS registered providers no longer need to report all COVID infection cases (workers and participants). However, providers must inform the NDIS Commission when the consequences of COVID – or another change or event – have a significant and adverse effect.

To complete a report, you can click here:  Notification of event form – COVID-19 (registered providers).

To read more about notice of changes and events, visit

Written by Amanda Robinson, B.A., MMentalHealth Prac.

Amanda is a professional with over a decade of dedicated experience in the fields of Mental Health and Disability. Her extensive expertise lies in navigating the intricate landscape of the Disability Sector. She brings a unique perspective to her work, being both a person with lived experience of disability and a compassionate carer. She has a passion for advocacy, making her a staunch champion for the rights and well-being of individuals facing similar challenges.

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