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NDIS Review Recommendations Gain Momentum: Progress in Motion!

The government has announced that it is making a substantial investment to design and consult on the key recommendations from the NDIS Independent Review.
It will begin with work on the Foundational Supports Strategy which will be considered by National Cabinet in the second half of 2024. This strategy will be led by the Minister for Social Services, Amanda Rishworth in consultation with the Honourable Bill Shorten.
This strategy will ensure that those people with disability who are not an NDIS participant will receive much needed supports.
Over the next two years, $11.6 million will be invested by the Commonwealth to develop the strategy which will be informed by people with disability, the disability community, families, carers, researchers and parents.

As we were informed last year, Foundational supports will include ‘General’ and ‘Targeted’ supports.
General supports are for all people with disability and could include:

  • Community care
  • Help with shopping
  • Help with maintaining a home/garden
  • Peer and family supports
  • Early intervention support

Targeted supports, are for people who are not eligible for the NDIS but are in most need of more support. These could include:

  • Early supports services
  • Independence and transition support
  • Individual capacity building supports
  • Aids and equipment.

The focus for this category could be on specific groups such as children, adolescents, people with persistent mental ill-health and people with hearing loss.
In addition to this work, the government are making investments to meet their goals of improving the participant experience and securing the future of the NDIS.

How much are we talking?

$54.6 million for fairer and better ways to access an NDIS Budget;
$49.7 million for improved home and living options;
$10.2 million to repair the market for better ways to access and pay for supports; and
$3.6 million to undertake design and consultation work on a system of best practice early childhood supports.

Most importantly, there remains a strong focus on ensuring that people with disability are at the centre of the policies that impact them. We have been assured that there will be extensive consultation processes with people with disability, their families, carers and other stakeholders.

We look forward to being part of this conversation, and encourage providers to support your participants to speak up and have a say, and ensure that your voices, too, are heard.

Written by Amanda Robinson, B.A., MMentalHealth Prac.

Amanda is a professional with over a decade of dedicated experience in the fields of Mental Health and Disability. Her extensive expertise lies in navigating the intricate landscape of the Disability Sector. She brings a unique perspective to her work, being both a person with lived experience of disability and a compassionate carer. She has a passion for advocacy, making her a staunch champion for the rights and well-being of individuals facing similar challenges.


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