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Positive Behaviour Support Part 2


Course Duration: 24 mins
Accessible for: 31 days

Within this course you will explore the ABC of positive behaviour support.  You will learn about responsive and reactive strategies and how positive behaviour support strategies can be used to reduce behaviours of concerns.  You will learn about restrictive practices and understand under what circumstances and authority these are implemented.

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Learning Outcomes

After this lesson you will be able to:

  1. Use the ABC model of positive behaviour support.
  2. Know how to use responsive and reactive strategies.
  3. Know what restrictive practices are, why they are used and under what circumstances they are approved.

Additional information

  • E-learn (24min)
  • Assessment (10 questions)
  • 3 resources:
    • The ABC of Positive Behaviour Support
    • Responsive and Reactive Behaviour Support Strategies
    • Behaviour Support under the NDIS Factsheet
  • Certificate of completion


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