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Support Coordination Course Part 1


Course Duration: 40 mins
Accessible for: 31 days

Within this course, you will learn what Support Coordination is and how it has developed since the introduction of the NDIS. We’ll explore the different levels of support and you will learn which participants can access Support Coordination as part of their NDIS plan. Next, you’ll learn about the role of a Support Coordinator and we’ll identify 5 key activities they use to build the capacity of participants to understand, implement, and monitor their NDIS plan. We will also explore common challenges Support Coordinators experience and highlight important differences between this role and case management or disability advocacy support. Lastly, you’ll learn about the importance of managing conflict of interest and upholding quality and safeguarding standards when supporting participants.

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Learning Outcomes

After completing our support coordination training, you will be able to::

  1. Know what NDIS Support Coordination is, and identify the key experiences and qualities of Support Coordinators
  2. Know who can access funding for Support Coordination and the process for determining eligibility for these supports
  3. Describe key activities and responsibilities of Support Coordinators
  4. Identify some common challenges and misconceptions related to the role and know how to address them

Additional information

  • E-learn (40 min)
  • Assessment (10 questions)
  • 9 resources:
    • Support Coordination levels and Activities Matrix
    • NDIA Reasonable and Necessary Criteria
    • Types of NDIS Plan Management
    • Support Coordination: 5 Key Supports
    • The Disability Advocacy Factsheet
    • Support Coordination and Advocacy Checklist
    • Types of NDIS Plan Management
    • NDIS Code of Conduct
    • NDIS Practice Standards
  • Certificate of completion


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