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The Complex Care Pathway has been designed to build specialised skills which are required for higher risk supports. This pathway is very important as it will help you and your Disability Support Professionals deliver safe, quality and person-centred supports. It will also help your organisation be compliant with the NDIS Practice Standards.

This pathway will take you on a journey whereby complex care topics are broken down into smaller compartments and built upon to a level of core competency. You will be asked to practice your skills, which will help you retain the important information you have learnt.  Most of complex care topics in this course require a competency assessment to be completed by a relevant qualified professional after the training. It is recommended that you review the NDIS Practice Standards and Quality Indicators in line with your Support and Services offered to identify your individualised compliance and audit requirements.

In this pathway, you will learn how to effectively support someone living with diabetes. You will also learn about epilepsy, seizure management and what to do if a participant has a seizure, PEG feeding, Cather Management and Bowel Care Management. You will learn what to do, but also what often goes wrong and how to ensure these common errors do no take place.

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Complex Care Course List

  1. Diabetes – Part 1
  2. Diabetes – Part 2
  3. Diabetes Management
  4. Epilepsy
  5. Seizure Management – Part 1
  6. Seizure Management – Part 2
  7. PEG Feeding
  8. Catheter Management
  9. Bowel Care Management

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