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SIL and SDA Essentials

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Course Duration: 6.5 hrs
Accessible for: 217 days

The SIL and SDA Essentials Pathway has been designed for Disability Support Professionals who offer Supported Independent Living and Specialised Disability Accommodation Supports.

This pathway focuses on building essential and core competencies which are required when assisting participants who want to live independently or in a group shared home. Importantly, the focus of this pathway is to help you achieve consistent quality care across your team.

In this pathway, you will learn how to support someone with their personal care needs such as showering and dressing, how to help your participants with meal preparation and nutrition, how to keep them safe from fire in their home (how to look for fire hazards, prevent fires, escape or put a fire out) and how to best support a person on the autism spectrum disorder.

If you offer SDA supports, we encourage you to pair this pathway with another. For example, the Complex Care Pathway or Mental Health and Positive Outcomes Pathway, depending on the specialisation of the supports you offer.

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Learning Outcomes

SIL and SDA Essentials Course List

  1. Personal Care & Grooming – Part 1
  2. Personal Care & Grooming – Part 2
  3. Fire Safety & Prevention in the home
  4. Safe Food Handling – Part 1
  5. Safe Food Handling – Part 2
  6. Autism Spectrum Disorder
  7. Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Additional information

  • 7 e-learns (6.5 hours total)
  • 7 assessments (10 questions each)
  • 17 resources
  • Pathway certificate of completion


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