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Discover the transformative potential of our course catalogue and meticulously designed learning pathways, a powerful yet user-friendly solution aimed at providing employees with competency-based learning spanning diverse topics. Seamlessly accessible through our intuitive learning platform, your team can enhance their skills and upskill from any location. Every course we offer adheres to NDIS compliance standards and undergoes regular updates by industry experts. This steadfast commitment ensures that your ongoing learning journey maintains alignment with NDIS best practices and expectations. Upon successful completion of our courses, employees will be awarded a certificate of completion, validating their mastery within the realm of disability support.


Access learning pathways across a multitude of NDIS compliant topics, delivered through a seamless online learning experience. Our learning pathways are built with your needs in mind, providing an interactive, engaging, and educational experience designed to empower and upskill your workforce.

What you get

  • Prebuilt learning pathways to maximise your staff engagement and growth
  • Ability to purchase single courses in addition to learning pathways
  • Individual login for each employee to track and record personal progress
  • Certificate awarded upon completion of each course or pathway
  • Bi-weekly automated report sent to Manager to track progress and course completion
  • Access to our technical support team to ensure your seamless experience
  • NDIS Compliant Learning

How it works

Our Courses



Each course is built with an 80% pass mark requirement. All courses are made up of an e-learn, which is a requirement prior to undertaking the assessment and will provide all answers within the unit. If you have successfully completed the e-learn, you can be assured that you have the knowledge to pass the assessment

Our courses are approximately 30min in duration and can be completed on the go either on a mobile device or a desktop. We understand time is precious and have ensured our courses contain an adequate level of competency and ease of access to ensure anyone can complete them, at any time!

Yes, definitely! We have a range of courses that are designed to equip you with the skills to work with complex needs participants. We are always innovating as well and our list is not exhaustive. As we grow, our courses grow with us. If there is something specific you are after, just ask!

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